Organizational Design Services

Your business should be structured to meet your needs!

We can help tailor a solution that fits. 

Legal Formation

You know that there are different tax and accounting treatments for each type of business entity.

So, which one is the best?


The simple answer to that question is that there is no “BEST” legal form of business. Each has benefits and costs. The environment is complex.

We can help.

  • We assess your business risks and help quantify the need for personal asset protection.

  • We work with your legal counsel to build partnership and other operating agreements.

  • We provide guidance with regard to tax compliance and tax strategy


We can help you build a solid foundation for your business’ growth and prosperity.

Management Structure

I love my business but how to I unchain myself from it?


One word: Delegation  


Being a business owner means that you are simultaneously the CEO and janitor. You try and do or oversee everything in the business. Many times this is not a very efficient structure.  

We can help.

  • We help break the business into complementary, manageable pieces.

  • We design management development programs to build your people.

  • We give you the tools to maintain control and visibility over the business.


We can help you tap into the talents and abilities of your employees so they can drive success.

Capital Structure

Cash is KING but my business is feast or famine. What can I do?


Cash and other resources can come from many sources. The goal is to have the cash and resources available to support your operations.

The goal is achievable.

We can help.

  • We analyze your operation cycle to identify areas that could improve cash flow.

  • We examine short term and long term financing options to support growth.

  • We balance your debt and equity obligations to maximize long term stability.


We help identify areas that can be improved to increase the availability of cash and working capital.